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Licensing Agreement Update

Posted on August 27 2016


Hello, Friends!

I have some big news for you in regard to the Whimsy Clips licensing agreement (you can view it HERE). BUT first let me say that NO restrictions were added to any of the ways in which the illustrations can be used. So, please don’t panic. I’ve always promised I would not take away something you’ve been allowed to do commercially etc. That’s just not how I operate. If anything my terms are pretty lenient. There are 2 instances where I absolutely draw the line and that's 1.) the individual images may not be posted on the Internet (websites, blogs etc.) and 2.) the clip art may not be resold. Other than that the terms allow you a lot of flexibility in regards to uses etc. to create personal and commercial items.

All new and existing zip files will be updated to include the updated version of the licensing agreement

The point of the update was to give the document a cleaner and more uniform layout. I have many exciting plans for Whimsy Clips in the years to come and really wanted the document to look more professional. The new format condenses information so it’s not as lengthy or as wordy. I’ve also added a Table of Contents and sections. You will also find clickable links to each section so you can find an area of use quickly and easily. I think you will really love this update because it makes finding everything you need so simple! I've also added descriptions to each section in the Table of Contents to help you understand which area of use fits your needs.

I have added allowed uses. You were always allowed to do these things but they were not in writing so I receive emails quiet frequently and decided to add the uses to the terms to save each of us time.

Allowed Uses Added:

Personal Use:

  • flyers, brochures, notices, announcements, t-shirts
  • non-profit items for non-profit organizations 
  • Videos such as on YouTube or Vimeo

Personal Educational Use:

  • School yearbooks

Commercial Use:

  • Videos on YouTube and Vimeo
  • Clarification added to describe what exactly is a header

Restrictions removed:

  • Calendars

Under Disallowed Uses I did add the following which is kind of a no-brainer but felt it should be added, and I'm sure you will agree:

  • You may not use the clip art in a derogatory or defamatory manner

Under Disallowed Uses the additional notes were added: (keep in mind these have always been the terms, but they needed to be emphasized and/or clarified in the terms.)

  • You may not resell, share or distribute the clip art has been repeated from the top of the agreement


The clip art may not be placed individually on a page and used as coloring page for commercial purposes. Personal use is fine. Personal classroom use is fine. Personal office use such as a doctor's office is fine. Selling them commercially is not cool. Be cool. Coolness and kindness go a long way in my book.

Color-By-Number and Color-By-Sight Word are fine because the image is stamped out. However placing an image on a blank page with nothing else as is found in a coloring book is not allowed. Please remember that the images must be used as part of an overall design. An overall design is something you create with your fantastic imagination and the images are meant to be used to enhance the wonderful ideas that come from said fantastic imagination of yours.

    You can view the updated format/licensing agreement HERE

    I truly hope this new layout and the additions make everything so much easier for you! If you have an questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.




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