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This CVC word family clip art set is a Second Edition/Volume 2 . Many of you have asked for a second set of CVC clip art because variety is a must and this bundle delivers with 334 images (167 color and 167 black & white 300dpi png). Each image is unique to this particular CVC bundle and is not included in any other set.

* Buy the bundle and save big!

* Words with an arrow also come without an arrow


* CVC SHORT A Word Families (82 images: 41 color, 41 b/w) 

-AB: lab, cab, dab (2 options), tab, gab
-AD: bad, dad, lad, mad, pad, sad
-AG: bag, wag, tag, rag
-AM: ham, jam, yam, ram
-AN: can, fan, man, pan, ran, van, ban
-AP: cap, map, tap, gap, nap, lap
-AT: cat, hat, mat, rat, sat, bat, pat
-Ax: wax

* Short E Word Families - (48 images: 24 color, 24 b/w)
-ED: red, fed, wed, bed, led
-EG: peg, leg, beg, Meg
-EN: den, hen, men, ten, pen
-ET: pet, jet, net, wet, vet, met, get, set
-EB: web
-EM: hem

* Short I Word Families - (80 images: 40 color, 40 b/w) 

-IB: bib (2 options), rib
-ID: hid, kid, lid (2 options), rid
-IG: big, dig, fig, pig, wig, rig
-IM: rim, him, dim
-IN: bin, fin, pin, tin, win
-IP: dip, hip, lip, rip, sip, tip, zip (2 options)
-IT: bit, hit, pit, fit (2 options), kit, sit
-IX: mix, fix, six


* Short O Word Families - (58 images: 29 color, 29 b/w) Available Now
-OB: bob, cob, job, mob, rob, sob (2 options)
-OD: nod, pod, rod
-OG: dog, fog, hog, log, jog
-OP: mop, cop, hop (2 options), pop, top
-OT: cot, dot, hot, pot, rot
-OX: fox, box
-OM: mom

* Short U Word Families: (66 images: 33 color, 33 b/w) Available Now 
-UB: cub, rub, sub, tub
-UD: bud, mud (2 options)
-UG: bug, dug, hug, jug, rug, tug, mug
-UM: gum, hum, sum, mum (2 options), yum
-UN: bun (2 options), fun, nun, run, sun
-UT: cut, hut, nut
-UP: cup, pup
-UX: tux
-US: bus

You will receive:
167 color png images
167 black & white png images


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