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This alphabet clip art set includes letters A to Z. There are 8 images per letter, however, E and U include 10 images per letter. A, I, and O include 4 initial short vowel images and 4 initial long vowel images. U includes 5 short vowel and 5 long vowel. E includes 6 short vowel and 4 long vowel. With the exception of whale for W and "Qu" words, this alphabet set does not contain beginning blends or beginning digraphs. There are 424 image files in this set, which includes 212 color images and 212 black & white images in png. All images are 300dpi.

The alphabet clip art set includes:

  • A  words - angel, alphabet, apple, acorn, alien, anchor, astronaut, axe
  • B words - boots, baby, boat, bow, button, basket, barn, bicycle
  • C words - cactus, cowboy, cow, card, cone, castle, cat, cake
  • D words - dinosaur, diamond, door, doll, desk, donut, day, dog
  • E words - exercise, ear, egg, elbow, eleven, eraser, elf, elephant, eat, easel
  • F words - family, farm, feather, food, feet, football, four, fairy
  • G words - gorilla, garden, gift, game, girl, gate, gas, goat
  • H words - hippo, hamburger, hot dog, hanger, helmet, hat, honey, hook
  • I words - icicle, ice cream, instruments, ivy, iron, igloo, ill, iguana
  • J words - jellyfish (2 options) jump/jumprope, jewelry, juggle, jungle, jacket, jack-o-lantern,
  • K words - kangaroo, kayak, karate, kiwi, keyboard, kids, key, kitchen
  • L words - lantern, lunch, ladybug, leaf, lemon, lighthouse, llama, laugh
  • M words - macaroni, magnet, monster, mirror, muffin, mermaid, mailbox, monkey
  • N words - nine, ninja, nachos, noodles, nurse, nose, numbers, needle
  • O words - octopus, open, office, over, ocean, omelet, oatmeal, ox
  • P words - pirate, puppet, panda, pickle, pinwheel, picnic, pie, pear
  • Q words - queen, quart, question/question mark, quiet, quarter, quiz, quack, quilt
  • R words - rose, robot, rocket, road, raft, racket, raindrop, rhino
  • S words - sailboat, seven, sandwich, soccer, soup, sandals, superhero, seal
  • T words - table, taco, teacher, ticket, telescope, tiger, tornado, teddybear 
  • U words - unicycle, up/upstairs, unicorn, umpire, umbrella, under, ufo, upside down, uniform, utensils 
  • V words - vacuum, vacation, vote, vulture, vest, vegetables, violin, valentine
  • W words - windmill, wall, witch, watch, wishbone, window, watermelon, whale
  • X words - wax, fix, xylophone, mix, fox, x-ray fish, box, x-ray
  • Y words - yell, yogurt, yard, yawn, yummy, yo-yo, yarn, yacht
  • Z words - zero, zipper, zap, zig zag, zeppelin, zucchini, zebra, zoo

You will receive:

  • 212 color png images
  • 212 black & white png images


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