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Beginning Consonants Clip Art


The consonants clip art pack contains 130 image files, which includes 65 color images and 65 black and white images. There are 3 designs per letter, however there are 4 image designs for letter V and X. I created a vase image with and without flowers. I was concerned flowers in a vase might throw some kiddos off and created two images so that you can decide which will work best for you.

All images are in png and jpg formats and are 300dpi. Black & white included.

* This pack is also part of a larger alphabet clip art pack

*This set was updated on 6/15/2015 to include an X-ray fish by request

* The letter X has 3 beginning consonant images and 1 ending consonant image. (x-ray, xylophone, x-ray fish, six)

The consonants clip art pack includes:
B: ball, bear, boat
C: camera, candy, cookie
D: dog, dolphin, duck
F: fairy, fence, fish
G: ghost, girl, guitar
H: helicopter, hippo, horn
J: jacket, jelly, jellybeans
K: kettle, king, kitten
L: ladder, lamp, lock
M: money, mouse, mushroom
N: necklace, newspaper, night
P: pizza, penguin, pumpkin
Q: queen, quiet, quilt
R: ring, raccoon, rocket
S: sandwich, socks, sun
T: tie, tape, turtle
V: vase (2 images - with and without flowers), vegetables, volcano
W: wagon, wand, window
X: x-ray, xylophone, six, x-ray fish
Y: yarn, yo-yo, yak,
Z: zipper, zebra, zoo

You will receive:

  • 65 color png images
  • 65 black & white png images
  • 65 color jpg images
  • 64 black & white jpg images

* All clip art packs are delivered via a zip file


This product is a digital download that is contained in a zip file and available to download immediately after purchase.

* Each clip art set comes with a Standard License Agreement. A Standard License Agreement includes usage for personal, educational, and small business. Click here to learn more about the Standard License Agreement.

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