Beginning Digraphs Clip Art Volume Two

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This Beginning Digraphs Volume 2 Bundle is a Second Edition/Volume 2 clip art bundle.

Many of you have asked for a second set of Beginning Digraphs clip art for variety. Once completed this bundle will contain 160 images (80 color and 80 black & white 300dpi png) and each set will have 10 images per beginning digraph. Each image is unique to Beginning Digraphs Volume Two. This bundle contains the following beginning digraphs: Ch, Sh, Th, Wh, Ph, Kn, Wr, Qu.

* Words with an arrow also come without an arrow

This bundle includes:
* Ch Words - (Available Now - 4.50 Individually) - chip, chop, chin, chew, cheek, chili, chimney, chicken, chair, chase

* SH Words - (Available Now - 4.50 Individually) - shed, shut, shop, shamrock, shadow, ship, shy, shampoo, shake, shorts

* TH Words - (4.50 Individually) - thirty, thunder, thumb, thorn, thread, thermometer, thimble, think, thin,thirsty

* WH Words - (4.50 Individually) - whistle, wheelchair, whisker, whip, whisper, white, where, whirl, why, Who

* PH Words - (4.50 Individually) - phone, photo, graph, alphabet, physician, photographer, pheasant, megaphone, phobia, phase

* Kn Words -  (4.50 Individually) - knife, knot, knock, knit, knee, knead, kneel, know, knob, knapsack

* Wr Words  (4.50 Individually) - write, wrench, wreck, wreath, wring, wrinkle, wrestle, wrist, wrong, wrapper

* Qu Words (4.50 Individually) - quilt, queen, quotes, quart, quill, quiet, quick, quarter, quail, quake,

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