Welcome to Whimsy Clips!

Welcome to Whimsy Clips! I couldn't be more excited about the opening of Whimsy Clips. To be very honest the opening of this store is long overdue. After creating clip art for more than a decade and offering free lower-resolution clip art on MyCuteGraphics - it's very exciting to be able to offer high resolution 300dpi clip art! I'm so excited and I hope you are, too! :)


What is Whimsy Clips?

Well, Whimsy Clips is the original and creative work of myself, Laura Strickland. All of the clip art on Whimsy Clips is High-Res and 300dpi. You can scale the images without loss of quality. It's so exciting! And 300dpi produces a nice crisp print job. 

All of the characters on Whimsy Clips were created by me and I've tried to not only make them cute and whimsical, but I tried to keep in mind how they might be used as well. For example, if you're a teacher creating lessons, you want the image to bridge a gap between the text and comprehension, so the image used needs to be engaging. I hope I've accomplished that. To ensure I do just that I often seek the opinions of my 5 and 8 year old boys, because they're opinions are invaluable.  :)


No matter how you use the clip art, whether it's for personal or educational use etc. I hope the quality and cuteness exceeds your expectations! 


Welcome to Whimsy Clips and I hope you enjoy the clip art.


 - Laura