Whimsy Clips mission is to provide you with affordable high-quality illustrations for educational, personal and commercial use. Each image is 300dpi and comes in both color and black & white.  


Clip art by Laura Strickland

Whimsy Clips was founded by Laura Strickland, an illustrator of more than 20 years.

In 1999 Laura began illustrating professionally and for a number of years most of her designs were used on digital greeting cards. Overtime it became obvious there was a need for affordable licensing solutions for digital illustrations for use in personal, educational, and small businesses. Several years later Whimsy Clips was born.

Before Whimsy Clips, Laura had a website that was dedicated to providing free clip art for teachers. This website allowed Laura to provide teachers with the clip art they needed to create classroom lessons and activities while allowing Laura to hone her skills and to grow as an artist.

Let's take a walk down memory lane...

  • In January of 1999 Laura began creating animations that were primarily used in online greeting cards. Most of Laura's illustrations in the early days featured cutesy animals.
  • In 2010 more and more teachers were emailing Laura asking to use her work in their lessons. Laura absolutely said yes! 
  • After spending time in the classroom it was clear to Laura that teachers really, really needed clip art.
  • In 2011 Laura began working on her website 16 hours a day to provide teachers with the clip art they needed - all for free. This is the year TpT really started to take off and more and more teachers were using Laura's work on TpT.
  • It was in 2011 that Laura realized there was a need for kids clip art that young students could relate to. Having illustrated primarily animals up to this point Laura slowly began the process of creating kids clip art and honing her skill in this area.
  • Throughout 2012 Laura continued to create free clip art for teachers and worked hard to develop her skill while growing as a digital artist.
  • In late 2012 more and more TpT teacher-authors were asking Laura to create high-resolution clip art because there was a need for it in their commercial products.
  • In early 2013 Whimsy Clips was born and Laura began the transition to creating and licensing high-resolution clip art for teachers.
  • Over the years Laura has learned from the teachers that have encouraged and supported her, which as allowed her to develop as an artist and to continue to improve her artistic skills to meet the needs of teachers.
  • Today Whimsy Clips licenses artwork beyond education. 
  • You will find Whimsy Clips art in a variety of businesses such as teacher-created resources, doctors offices, dental offices, daycare centers, kids camps and so much more.

It's because of the encouragement and support of teachers that Laura has grown and become the artist she is today. 

Since its founding Whimsy Clips has grown into a small company that strives to meet the licensing needs of those who have a need for digital illustrations for their creative projects while maintaining affordability.


It is our hope opening each clip art file is like opening a gift. We hope it makes you smile.