Please remember you are not purchasing the images. You are licensing the right to use the images. The download will include the image files and licensing information.
General Account Questions:


Licensing Terms Questions:






 How do I download a clip art set after checkout?

    After you checkout a download link will appear at the top left of the checkout page.

    You may also download the digital files from within your account. Locate the order in your account. From within your account click on "Orders" on the left side of the page. Locate the order and click on "Order Details" and a "Download Here" button will be at the top right of the order. Click the "Download Here" button to download the order. 

    If you need help please contact Whimsy Clips  via the contact form: Here

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     Can the clip art be used in editable products?

       The short answer is No. The rights allowed has never included template usage - regardless if there is a design or not. The license has always been between the licensor and the licensee. Whimsy Clips Standard License does not permit editable or non-editable graphic or template usage.
      Also, please remember the rights to use and create with the images (which includes inputting custom text) is Non-Transferrable, Non-Assignable,  Non Sub-licensable. Placing an image or images on a page/template and allowing a buyer/3rd party to input their own text/content or modify the content to customize it to their needs is transferring the rights. This is not allowed under the Standard License Agreement.
      If you have needs beyond the Standard License please contact Whimsy Clips to discuss licensing.

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       Can the clip art be used as a moveable piece in presentation software?

      Not at this time. Per the Standard License Agreement all images must be flattened into the slide background when used in presentation software such as PowerPoint. No loose files of any kind are permitted, which includes but is not limited to free-standing images, image with text overlay or images placed over textured or pattern-filled shapes.

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       Can the clip art be used in Boom Cards?

      Yes, absolutely. We LOVE Boom Cards and the people behind Boom. Moveable pieces are also allowed in Boom because it is a secure platform that protects the content and images. Currently Boom Cards are the only platform that has our seal of approval for moveable pieces. No additional license is required to use Whimsy Clips illustrations in Boom Cards.

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       Can the clip art be used in school programs, newsletters, posters, signs, yearbooks, etc.?

      Absolutely! You can find this in the terms under "Personal Educational Allowed Uses"

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       Can the clip art be used on websites, school websites, classroom websites, blogs or teacher webpages?

        Unfortunately, NO. The clip art can be used as part of a design header or button as long as the image is flattened as part of a design. But the images themselves may not be posted online, on a website/web page, blog, or online at all. Posting the images online individually is not in compliance with the licensing terms and is a copyright violation. The thing is, some people like to steal things, including images. We don't know about you but we don't like thieves, and we'd like to be able to eat, so please don't post images online; it affects our business. We'd also like to continue to be able to buy pencils to draw so we can bring you more fun and affordable clip art. 

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         Can the clip art be used on my school library site?

        Unfortunately, NO. Please see the answer listed above under school website etc. 

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         Can I resell your clip art?

          Absolutely not. Piracy is not cool. It's illegal in fact. Don't be a pirate. Be kind. We like kind people.

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           Can the clip art be used to make coloring pages?

            The clip art may not be used in coloring pages in commercial products. Personal use is fine. Personal classroom use is fine. Personal office use such as a doctor's office is fine. Selling them commercially is not cool. Be cool.  Coolness and kindness go a long way in my book. 

            Color-By-Number and Color-By-Sight Word are fine because the image is stamped out and educational content has been added. However placing an image or images on a page as is found in a coloring book is not allowed. 

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             If I find one of your images on a web site or search engine may I use it without purchasing a license?

              Not without purchasing a license. The use of all Whimsy Clips artwork requires a purchase of a license. Displaying images on websites, search engines or a blog is a violation of Whimsy Clips licensing terms and copyright.  Use of an image without purchasing the necessary license is also a copyright violation. 

              Furthermore, as stated above, Whimsy Clips artwork may not be posted online. Doing so is a copyright violation. 

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               Can the clip art be used to make birthday party invitations?

              Of course! Everyone does to have a fun party invitation! 

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               Can I create a board game for my classroom using Whimsy Clips clip art?

                Absolutely!  Manufacturers wishing to license my artwork for board games must contact Whimsy Clips for licensing fees, however a teacher creating a board game for classroom use is fine and requires no additional licensing fees.

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                 Can the artwork be used in iPad apps or other apps?

                  Not at this time.

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                   Do you ever update your terms?

                    Rarely. But when we do it's to add an allowed use or to remove a restriction. We would never update the terms to remove an allowed use. That wouldn't be very nice. :) 


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                     Do you give refunds?

                       Due to the nature of digital downloads refunds are not available. If you need assistance please feel free to contact Whimsy Clips via the contact form:  Here

                      Also, please remember you are not purchasing the images. Your are simply licensing the right to use the images per the Standard License Agreement. Refunds mean you forfeit the right to use the images.

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                       Where can I find the full Licensing Terms?

                        You can find the full Terms of Use HERE. Please read the full Terms of Use before making any purchase. While there are very few restrictions, there are some, and you should know what is and isn't allowed before licensing the artwork. 

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