Study Buddies Clip Art

Whimsy Clips Clip Art

Image copyright: Whimsy Clips 

Reading is something I value deeply. Finding an interesting book that pulls you in and that you don't want to put down goes beyond reading about a story; reading opens your mind to thoughts, ideas, possibilities. Reading forces you to wonder, to dream, to ask questions.

Reading expands your mind.

I've encouraged my own children to read from a young age. I would read to them each night and as they got older and learned to read their love for reading continued to grow. Today one of their favorite things to do is to visit book stores in search of a good book.

Needless to say, reading clip art is some of my favorite to illustrate. With the Study Buddies set, which I illustrated in 2013, I tried to capture the joy and comfort of reading.  Kids are snuggled up with pets or stuffed animals and enjoying a book. Each image in the set is 300dpi and has a transparent background.