How to Create a Secured PDF

In this tutorial we will go over "How to Create a Secured PDF".  If you're creating worksheets, flyers etc. it's important that you properly secure the pdf for a few reasons. One reason is that Whimsy Clips terms require the images be secured in the PDF. And the PDF is not secured until it says so at the top of the PDF. Another reason is that if you don't then all the content can be edited. 

Remember - when you license artwork you are making an investment.  You've spent your hard-earned money; it's important to protect your investment. 


So you've created a PDF and now you need to properly secure the PDF. In the tutorial we will use Adobe Acrobat Pro to secure the document.


You can create a document in Adobe Acrobat or any other program that has the ability to save as a PDF.  As an example, many teachers create worksheets in PowerPoint and save it as a PDF. 


1) For this tutorial I created a document in Word and saved it as  PDF.  When I open the newly created PDF it will open in Adobe Acrobat Pro. On the right side of the the Adobe Acrobat program you will see a panel of tools. Look for the "shield". If the shield is not visible then select the wrench at the bottom of the panel to open the tools window and from there you can select the shield. The shield will also be labeled "Protect" in Adobe Acrobat.




2) After you click the shield or Protect additional options will appear in Adobe Acrobat. Look toward the top of the document for "Protect Using Password" and click on it. 


3) A box will open and will ask you to select which you are requiring a password for, "Viewing" or "Editing". You will select "Editing". Then proceed to set a unique password. When you are finished clip "Apply". 

In newer versions of Adobe it should automatically save the changes. However, after applying the password check to see if you need to manually save it for the password to be applied to the document. 



You're all done! Wasn't that Easy? Now you have a secured PDF and your project is in line with Whimsy Clips license.