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This bundle will grow over time and will be filled with SIMPLE Backgrounds. All backgrounds are 300dpi and are perfect for creating printable and paperless resources.


What are Simple Backgrounds?

Simple backgrounds are simply simple. :) Simple backgrounds do not include a lot of detail and leave a lot of open space for you to create your project according to your vision. An example of a simple outdoor background will include only the grass and sky. Or an underwater background will include only the sky, water, and sand. Having a nearly blank canvas will allow you to create a wider variety of projects based on your needs and vision. Simple backgrounds are incredibly useful due to their versatility.


The following sizes will be included:

  • 8.5x11 (landscape) 300dpi in color and black & white
  • 5x7 (landscape) 300dpi in color only - Boom Card Size


 This bundle will contain sets within bundles. There will be a guaranteed 50 sets (including the 2 already in the bundle) added to this bundle over time.


What will be added and included over time:

  • Simple School backgrounds
  • Simple Rooms backgrounds
  • Simple Rooms in a House backgrounds
  • Simple Outdoor (grass, day and night sky, and more)
  • Simple Bodies of Water (Ocean, Pond, Lake etc.)
  • Simple Thematic (sets will include:farm, space, jungle, racing, and more)
  • Simple Seasons
  • Simple Holiday (at least 4 Holidays: Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween)


This Bottomless Bundle currently includes the following 2 sets:

  1. Grassy Area- Simple Outdoor Background
  2. Empty Rooms - Simple Room Backgrounds
  3. Empty School Rooms - School Room Backgrounds
  4. Blank School Wall Signs - School Room Backgrounds
  5. Ocean Underwater - Bodies of Water
  6. Simple Beach - Bodies of Water
  7. Simple Garden
  8. Simple Sky
  9. Simple Night Sky
  10. Simple Space
  11. Simple Farm
  12. Simple Fall
  13. Simple Pond
  14. Simple Stage
  15. Simple Halloween
  16. Simple Community Places
  17. Simple Thanksgiving 
  18. Simple Christmas
  19. Simple Winter
  20. Simple Snowman
  21. Simple Birthday
  22. Simple Valentine's Day
  23. Simple Spring
  24. Simple St. Patrick's Day
  25. Simple Easter
  26. Simple Weather
  27. Simple Jungle
  28. Simple Flower Garden
  29. Simple Bee
  30. Simple Vegetable Garden
  31. Simple Construction
  32. Around the School
  33. Simple Mountains
  34. Simple Butterfly
  35. Simple Roads
  36. Simple Backyard
  37. Simple Fantasy
  38. Simple Fairytale
  39. Simple Strawberry Patch



When you buy into the bundle you are paying the low introductory price and will get all future updates for FREE. The price will increase as sets are added to the bundle, but you only pay once!


Although, you are guaranteed at least 50 sets of backgrounds (including what's already in the bundle), this bundle will likely go over the promised 50 as the to-do list is long and creative ideas are endless, which is why I decided on a "Bottomless Bundle". Isn't this fun? ;-)


There are no release dates for the remaining sets.





What is a Bottomless Bundle?

A Bottomless Bundle is the bundle that keeps on giving. It's like a Growing Bundle except there is no end, hence "bottomless". A Bottomless Bundle just keeps going, and going, and going........Fun, right?!



What about the License?

The backgrounds fall under the Whimsy Clips Standard License Agreement


Can I use these with Google Slides, Boom Cards, PowerPoint?

Yes, you sure can!


Why a Bottomless Bundle?

Because I have 10,000 ideas and simple backgrounds like these could be turned into tons of variations. I thought this would be fun.


Are There Set Release Dates?

There are no set release dates. I will add to this bundle over time - it's bottomless and just keeps growing. ;-)



This is a digital download. The images and license are contained in a zip file and available to download immediately after purchase.
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