Whimsy Clips are fun.... 


High-Quality and Affordable. 

Whimsy Clips provides original illustrations that are high-quality 300dpi, which means you can shrink or enlarge each image to fit your project. 

Creating projects should be fun, whether it's a brochure, menu, classroom curriculum, or posters for a dental office ( the possibilities are endless). No one wants to work on a boring project with not-so-pretty images! That's where Whimsy Clips comes in! Whimsy Clips is here to help you stand out, make your projects fun, and to make you smile, too!

In addition to being fun, { C'mon, admit it! Whimsy Clips makes you smile doesn't it? ;-) } Whimsy Clips are affordable and won't break the bank!

Each clip art set comes with a Standard License Agreement, which is extremely flexible. (Got Questions? Just ask!) Oh, and one more thing! If you license a lot of clip art - make sure to check out Whimsy Clips Rewards! 


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