Compound Words Clip Art - Set Two

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The compound words clip art set focuses on 8 compound words. There are 3 images for each word - 1 image for each individual word and 1 image for the compound word, so you can easily show how compound words are formed. This set contains 48 images, which includes 24 color images and 24 black & white images in png. All images are 300dpi for better printing and scaling.

The compound words in this set include:

  • Doghouse (dog, house, doghouse)
  • Lipstick (lip, stick, lipstick)
  • Fishbowl (fish, bowl, fishbowl)
  • Fireman (fire, man, fireman)
  • Sunglasses (sun, glasses, sunglasses)
  • Mailbox (mail, box, mailbox)
  • Football (foot, ball, football)
  • Pancake(s) (pan, cake, pancake)

You will receive:

  • 24 color png images
  • 24 black & white png images

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