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CVCe Long Vowel Word Family Clip Art

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This long vowel word families bundle focuses on words that end in "e" (CVCe). This bundle contains 222 image files, which includes 111 color images and 111 black & white images in png. All images are 300dpi.

The CVCe Long Vowel Word Family Set will include:

* CVCe Long U: (20 images - 10 color / 10 b&w) 

  • -UNE: dune, tune
  • -UBE: tube, cube
  • -UTE: cute, mute
  • Mixed Long U: mule, fume, fuse, huge

* CVCE Long A: (86 images - 43 color / 43 b&w) 

  • -AKE: make, lake, bake, wake, rake, take, cake
  • -AME: same, name, fame, tame, game, came
  • -ACE: face, lace, race
  • -ATE: date, gate, late, rate, mate
  • -ANE: cane, lane, mane, pane
  • -ALE: sale, bale, male, tale
  • -APE: cape, tape
  • -ASE: base, case, vase
  • -AVE: cave, gave, pave, save, wave
  • -AGE: cage, page, wage, rage

* CVCE Long I: (72 images - 36 color / 36 b&w) 

  • -ICE: dice, mice, rice
  • -IDE: hide, ride, tide, wide, side,
  • -IVE: dive, five, hive
  • -IME: dime, lime, time, mime
  • -ITE: bite, kite
  • -IKE: bike, hike, like
  • -ILE: file, pile, mile, tile
  • -INE: dine, line, nine, vine, mine, pine
  • -IPE: ripe, pipe, wipe
  • -IRE: fire, wire, tire

* CVCE Long O: (44 images, 22 color / 22 b&w) 

  • -OSE: hose, nose, rose, pose
  • -ONE: bone, cone, zone
  • -OBE: lobe, robe
  • -OME: home, dome
  • -OTE: note, vote, tote
  • -OKE: poke, woke,joke
  • -ODE: code, rode
  • -OLE: hole, pole, mole

You will receive:

  • 111 color png images
  • 111 black & white png images

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