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Have you ever wished for "Moveable CVCe Phonics Clip Art" in digital paperless resources that are not required to be combined with text overlay or pattern-filled shapes?

This much needed and long-awaited bundle gives you what you've been needing!

This bundle is packed with 86 pieces of moveable CVCe clip art! (See the bottom of this message for a list of all that's included)

  • ALL images are NEW
  • All images are designed for screen use at 150ppi and color only
  • No additional license is required
  • This bundle contains 2 available sets - the remaining 2 sets will be added by 12/21

*** PLEASE read the full terms, which are included in the preview, before purchasing to ensure you understand the allowed usage for the moveable pieces. Because these images are the first of their kind and are allowed to be moveable the terms are new, different, and separate from the Standard License.

(In a nutshell - only the images in this bundle can be used as moveable pieces in Google Slides, PowerPoint, Keynote, SMART Notebook. (You may also use in Boom Cards and SeeSaw) The images in this bundle can be used without combining with text overlay or pattern-filled shapes. These images cannot be combined with other Whimsy Clips clip art that isn't in this bundle to create moveable pieces. All other Whimsy Clips still need to be flattened in the slide background per the Standard License.)

I WANT you to have fun creating with these pieces WITHOUT worrying. If you have a question please ask. I want to help you have fun and succeed! :)

Digital & Moveable Limited License Summary of Terms (the full terms are located in the preview)
  • All images in this set CAN be moveable
  • In regard to Boom Cards - you may use any Whimsy Clips in Boom Cards (as non-moveable or moveable) because the content is 100% secure. You are not limited to this set only. You can use this set AND all other Whimsy Clips as moveable pieces with Boom Cards.
  • Combining the images in this set with text overlay and pattern-filled shapes is NOT required
  • The images in this set cannot be combined with other Whimsy Clips images not included in this set to create a moveable piece.
  • All other Whimsy Clips images not in this set are still required to be flattened into the slide background AND not loose in the file per the Standard License Agreement

Other Notes:
  • All images in this bundle are designed for the screen only; not for print
  • Each image is 150ppi (pixels per inch)
  • All images are color only (no black & white included)
  • Each image is smaller in size than standard printable clip art images
  • Because the images are 150ppi and designed for the screen they cannot be enlarged to cover a screen or sheet of paper etc. The images have been designed only for digital paperless resources/devices
  • The clip art may not be used in graphic or editable templates, products, resources. Text boxes for only STUDENT responses are acceptable.


This bundle contains the following sets:

  • CVCE Long A Moveable Images. There are 2-3 images per word family for a total of 29 CVCe long a images: rake, cake, lake, name, game, same, face, race, lace, gate, date, rate, cane, mane, lane, bale, male, tale, tape, cape, vase, case, base, cave, save, wave, cage, page, gage.
  • CVCE Long U Moveable Images. There are 2 images per word family for a total of 8 CVCe long u images: tune, dune, cube, tube, mute, cute, fuse, fume

  • CVCE Long I Moveable Images. There are 3 images per word family for a total of 27 CVCe long i images: dice, mice, rice, hide, tide, wide, five, hive, dive, lime, time, dime, bike, like, hike, file, pile, mile, line, nine, vine, pipe, wipe, ripe, bite, kite, site
  • CVCE Long O Moveable Images. There are 2-3 images per word family for a total of 8 CVCe long o images: dose, hose, rose, bone, cone, zone, lobe, robe, dome, home, rome, note, tote, vote, poke, woke, code, rode, pole, mole, hole, rope

This is a digital download. The images and license are contained in a zip file and available to download immediately after purchase.
By creating an account and purchasing a license you are agreeing to the terms of the Standard License Agreement
Whimsy Clips illustrations may not be posted on the Internet