Figurative Language Clip Art Bundle

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This Figurative Language Bundle  contains 7 sets of illustrations, which includes: idioms, similes, metaphors, hyperboles, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia.  

The bundle includes:

    • Idioms: hit the books, needle in a haystack, when pigs fly, catch some z's, under the weather, open a can of worms, walking on eggshells, ants in my pants, cry over spilled milk, let the cat out of the bag, zip your/my lips, on top of the world, butterflies in my stomach, in the same boat, raining cats and dogs
    •  Simile: busy as a bee, clean as a whistle, sick as a dog, like two peas in a pod, slept like a log, happy as a clam, quiet as a mouse, sharp as a tack, cry like a baby, like a fish out of water, blind as a bat, wise as an owl, hot as an oven, old as dirt, fit as a fiddle

    • Metaphor: he's a walking dictionary, homework is a breeze, the cake is out of this world, he's a night owl, the world is a stage, she has a broken heart, he's boiling mad, you're the apple of my eye, time is money, she's a star, your voice is music to my ears, he's a class clown, he's a couch potato, you're toast, the class is a zoo
    • Hyperbole: skinny as a toothpick, weight of the world on my shoulders, jumped so high I touched the sky, the whole world is staring at me, he cried a river, I'm so hungry I could eat a horse, I waited forever, knock me over with a feathers, she's scared of her own shadow, she talked forever, I have a million things to do today, he can move mountains, I have a ton of homework, I walked 100 miles, this box weighs a ton
    • Personification: my heart raced, the cake called me, the sun smiled down on me, my computer has a mind of its own, time flies, the thunder clapped, the plant begged for water, the car skated on ice, leaves danced in the wind, the alarm yelled at me, the wind whistled, the camera loved her, the stars winked at me, the book flew off the shelf, the city never sleeps
    • Alliteration: angry ants ate an apple, big brown bear bought butter and beans, cowboy Corey caught a cactus, hungry hippo had a hotdog, jumping joey jumped over jello, Larry lion loves lasagna, patty penguin poured purple punch, pinky pig put pickle on pizza, she sells sea shells by the sea shore, Wendy witch wished for watermelon


    • Onomatopoeia: zap, boom, bam, crack, ding, pop, poof, buzz, boing, zoom
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