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Long Vowel Word Family Clip Art Bundle

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This Long Vowel Word Family Bundle includes hard to find long vowel word families and does not contain magic e or CVCe words.

This bundle contains 294 image files, which includes 147 color images and 147 black & white images in 300dpi png.

* Words with an arrow also come without an arrow

This bundle includes:
Long A Word Families: 47 words (94 images - 47 color, 47 b/w) - 
-Ang: bang, rang, sang, fang, hang, gang,
-Ank: bank, crank, tank, plank, drank, sank, thank, shrank
-Ail: jail, mail, nail, tail, pail, sail, snail, trail, nail, rail, email,
-Ain: rain, pain,brain, drain, stain, chain, grain, strain
-Ay: say, day, pay, ray, pray, spray, lay, clay,
-Aid: maid, paid, laid, afraid, mermaid, braid,

Long E Word Families: 44 words (88 images - 44 color, 44 b/w) -
-Eet: meet, beet, feet, sheet, greet, sweet
-Eep: weep, beep, deep, jeep, sheep, sweep, sleep, creep
-Eel: pinwheel, peel, reel, heel, eel, wheel
-Eat: neat, treat, pleat, seat, cleat, meat, heat, eat
-Eed: feed, seed, weed, speed, bleed
-Eak: leak, speak, sneak, beak, peak
-Eam: beam, seam, cream, steam, dream, team

Long I Word Families: 17 words (34 images - 17 color, 17 b/w) -
-Ight: light, right, tight, night, flight, sight, height, fright
-Ind: find, kind, blind, mind, behind, wind, rind, rewind, remind

Long O Word Families: 27 words (54 images - 27 color, 27 b/w) -
-Ow: pillow, tow, mow, row, blow, bow, grow, low
-Old: cold, fold, gold, hold, mold, told, sold, old
-Oad: toad, load, road, upload
-Oat: boat, coat, goat, moat, float, throat, oat

Long U Word Families: 12 words (24 images - 12 color, 12 b/w) - 
-Oom: room, bloom, zoom, broom, groom, gloom
-Oon: cartoon, moon, spoon, lagoon, balloon

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