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This HUGE bundle of color clip art includes 11 colors: red, pink, orange, purple, blue, yellow, green, brown, white, gray, black, and a set of bonus crayons. The bonus crayons are exclusive to this bundle.

Each color contains 6 objects (red and purple each contains 7 objects), 1 kid with a crayon and 1 scribble.

  • The black color set contains 1 scribble; all other sets contain a color 
  • scribble and a black scribble
  • The white color set contains 3 variations of the white color scribble; this is 
  • not reflected in the image count or price
  • The white color set contains one extra envelop option; this is not reflected in 
  • the image count or price

You will receive 191 high-quality image files, which includes 101 color images and 90 black and white images.

The following objects are included with each color:
Red:  cherry, heart, firetruck,chili pepper, strawberry, crab, wagon
Pink:  ballet slippers, cotton candy, ballet dress, flamingo, pig, girl blowing bubble gum bubble
Purple: violet/flower, butterfly, cabbage, plum, eggplant, jam, grapes
Blue: blueberries, bluebird, jeans, sky, raindrop, whale
Yellow: chick, schools, banana, cheese, taxi, pencil
Brown: brown lunch bag, candy bar, cowboy hat, boot, bear, tree trunk
White: lamb, snowman, envelope, milk, tooth, swan
Gray:  shark, rhino, mouse, fork, trash can, elephant
Black: bat, cat, ink, tire, penguin, spider
Crayons: gray, yellow, white, green, blue, orange, black, brown, purple, pink, red (b/w)

This is a digital download. The images and license are contained in a zip file and available to download immediately after purchase.
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