S Blends Clip Art Volume Two

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S Blends Volume Two set contains 140 images, which includes 70 color, 70 b/w images in transparent 300dpi png.

This set is part of a larger Blends Volume Two Bundle

The words included are:

  • SC: (10) scarecrow, scarf, scoop, scare(d), score, scan, scalp, scale, school, scar
  • SK- (10) ski, skate, skillet, skateboard, skirt, sketch, skull, skyscraper, skewer, sky
  • SM: (10) smart, smoothie, smash, smirk, smock, smell, smile,smoke, smear, smog
  • SN: (10) sneakers, snag, snore, snack, snake, snap, snorkel, sneeze, snail, snug
  •  SP: (10) spaghetti, spider, speak, spatula, sparkle, spice, sponge, spill, spin, spiral
  • ST: (10) stapler, stem, stamp, stage, stable, steps, stocking, stick, study, stake
  • SW: (10) swing, switch, swim, sweater, swat, swimsuit, sweets, swamp, swept/sweep, swipe
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