School Classroom Jobs Clip Art Bundle

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This class helper bundle contains 36  jobs and includes a boy and girl for each. All images are 300dpi png for better scaling and printing.

You will receive 144 high-quality image files, which includes 72 color images and 72 black & white images.

*If you previously purchased Classroom Jobs One or Classroom Jobs Two please do not purchase this bundle, so you do not make a double purchase.

The jobs included in this set 1 are:

  • Caboose
  • Line leader
  • Door holder
  • Class librarian or book helper
  • Lights helper 
  • Paper collector/passer
  • Snacks helper
  • Sweeper
  • Table washer
  • Teachers helper/assistant
  • Sanitizer helper
  • Board wiper
  • Chair stacker
  • Trash helper
  • Lunch helper
  • Computer/technology helper
  • Recycler
  • Bathroom monitor


The jobs included in set 2 are:
  • Calendar
  • Messenger
  • Weather helper
  • Newscaster
  • Plant helper
  • Attendance
  • Desk inspector
  • Pencil monitor
  • Supply helper
  • Flag holder
  • Supply helper
  • Photographer
  • Pet helper
  • Homework checker
  • Backpack helper
  • Recess helper
  • Class monitor
  • Vacation
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