Science Matter Clip Art

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This matter clip art set is perfect for science worksheets, activities and more. This set focuses on solids, liquids and gas. There are 57 image files in this set, which includes 28 color images and 29 black & white images.

The matter clip art set includes:

  • Boy inspecting molecules on desktop
  • States of matter (3 flasks as one image)
  • Gas molecules in flask (single image)
  • Liquid molecules in flask (single image)
  • Solid molecules in flask (single image)
  • Girl filling ice cube tray with water
  • Ice cube tray
  • Ice cube
  • Melting ice cube
  • Deflated balloon
  • Boy blowing up balloon
  • Inflated balloon
  • Girl wearing science goggles
  • Wind (swirls)
  • Glass of ice
  • Glass of water (can also be used as melted ice along with the glass of ice)
  • Boy holding a glass of ice cubes and a melting ice cube in the opposite hand
  • Melting snowman sequence (3 individual images)
  • Root beer
  • Ice cream container
  • Scoop of ice cream
  • Blank empty mug
  • Empty mug
  • Root beer float
  • Girl pouring root beer in ice cream filled mug
  • Girl inspecting root bear float
  • Boy wearing science goggles

You will receive:

  • 28 color images in png
  • 29 black & white images in png
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