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Welcome to Whimsy Clips Simple Letter Tiles BOTTOMLESS BUNDLE! These letter tiles are simple, practical and easy to use. Each tile is is a square and each letter per set will be one consistent color. As this bundle grows a variety of colors will be added such as blue tiles with yellow letters etc. There are many possibilities!


  • The Digital & Moveable Limited license is included (see the preview and read below). No ADDITIONAL LICENSE IS REQUIRED.
  • The letters shown are provided exactly as they are shown. No adaptations or additions will be made for other languages etc.
  • Only Alphabet letters are included. Both uppercase and lowercase letters will be included in each set.

This Bundle Currently Includes:

  1. Pink Letters on White Tiles
  2. White Letters on Orange Tiles
  3. Red Letters on White Tiles
  4. Green Letters on White Tiles
  5. Black Letters on White
  6. Bright Blue Letters on White
  7. Purple Letters on White
  8. Blue Letter Tiles on White
  9. Yellow Letter On White
  10. Bright Yellow Letter on White
  11. Teal Letter on White
  12. Bright Purple Letters on White
  13. Bright Green Letters on White
  14. Black on Orange Letter Tiles
  15. Orange on White Letter Tiles
  16. Brown on White Letter Tiles
  17. White on Brown Letter Tiles
  18. White on Red
  19. Black on Red
  20. White on Pink
  21. Black on Pink
  22. White on Bright Blue
  23. Black on Bright Blue
  24. Gray on White
  25. White on Gray


    This bundle will grow over time and will be filled with MOVEABLE letter tiles. All letter tiles are designed for screen use, are 150 ppi (pixels per inch) and are perfect for creating paperless resources. letter tiles come in color only.


    Each letter tile set to be added to this bundle is valued at $7.00 each! There will be a guaranteed 33 sets added to this bundle over time.


    When you buy into the bundle you are paying the low introductory price and will get all future updates for FREE. The price will increase as sets are added to the bundle, but you only pay once!


    Although, you are guaranteed at least 33 sets of letter tiles (including what's already in the bundle), this bundle will likely go over the promised 33 sets, which is why I decided on a "Bottomless Bundle" for these tiles. Isn't this fun? ;-)


    At least 3 more sets will be added by Friday 5/8. And AT LEAST 6 more will be added this month.


    There are no release dates for the remaining sets, however, I plan to add often over the next few months so you will have what you need to create paperless resources.



    What is a Bottomless Bundle?

    A Bottomless Bundle is like a Growing Bundle except there is no end, hence "bottomless". A Bottomless Bundle just keeps going, and going, and going........Fun, right?!


    What about the License?

    These are moveable pieces. This bundle comes with the Digital & Moveable Limited License. The license is available in the preview for you to review BEFORE purchasing to ensure you agree to the terms. No Additional License Purchase Is Required!


    Because these allowed to be moveable the terms are new, different, and separate from the Whimsy Clips Standard License. All other Whimsy Clips still need to be flattened in the slide background per the Standard License.


    Can I use these with Google Slides, Boom Cards, PowerPoint?

    Yes, you sure can!



    Why a Bottomless Bundle?

    Because I have 10,000 ideas and I just keep adding to the list of ideas. And with something as simple as letters, I thought this would be fun.


    How Can these letter Tiles Be Used?

    The tiles can be used in your digital/paperless resources for math, counting, patterns, and more!


    What Themes Will Be Included?

    There are no themes. This bundle will contain simple square tiles with letters.


    Are There Set Release Dates?

    There are no set release dates. I will add to this bundle over time.

    This is a digital download. The images and license are contained in a zip file and available to download immediately after purchase.
    By creating an account and purchasing a license you are agreeing to the terms of the Standard License Agreement
    Whimsy Clips illustrations may not be posted on the Internet