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Thematic Letter Tiles Clip Art- BOTTOMLESS BUNDLE - Moveable Clip Art

$32.00 $320.00

Welcome to Whimsy Clips Thematic Letter Tiles BOTTOMLESS BUNDLE!




This bundle will grow over time and will be filled with MOVEABLE letter tiles. All letter tiles are designed for screen use, are 150 ppi (pixels per inch) and are perfect for creating paperless resources. Letter tiles come in color only.


Both uppercase and lowercase letters will be included in each set. Each letter tile will be centered around a theme, such as the 2 already included, which are "Cloud Letter Tiles" and "Bottle Letter Tiles".


Each letter tile set to be added to this bundle is valued at $8.00 each! There will be a guaranteed 40 sets added to this bundle over time; 5 for each season and 20 everyday/thematic. That's $320 worth of letter tiles promised to be added to this bundle!


When you buy into the bundle you are paying the low introductory price and will get all future updates for FREE. The price will increase as sets are added to the bundle, but you only pay once!


Although, you are guaranteed at least 40 sets of letter tiles (including what's already in the bundle), this bundle will likely go over the promised 40 as the to-do list is long and creative ideas are endless, which is why I decided on a "Bottomless Bundle" for these tiles. Isn't this fun? ;-)


At least 4 more sets will be added to this bundle by the end of April. At least 8 more sets will be added in the month of May. There are no release dates for the remaining sets, however, I plan to add often over the next few months so you will have what you need to create paperless resources.


What is a Bottomless Bundle?

A Bottomless Bundle is like a Growing Bundle except there is no end, hence "bottomless". A Bottomless Bundle just keeps going, and going, and going........Fun, right?!


What about the License?

These are moveable pieces. This bundle comes with the Digital & Moveable Limited License. The license is available in the preview for you to review BEFORE purchasing to ensure you agree to the terms.

Because these are allowed to be moveable the terms are new, different, and separate from the Standard License. All other Whimsy Clips still need to be flattened in the slide background per the Standard License.


Can I use these with Google Slides, Boom Cards, PowerPoint?

Yes, you sure can!


Why a Bottomless Bundle?

Because I have 10,000 ideas and I just keep adding to the list of ideas. And with something as simple as letters, I thought this would be fun.


How Can these Letter Tiles Be Used?

The tiles can be used in your digital/paperless resources to spell words, phonics practice and more! I've designed many of the tiles to work with existing Whimsy Clips sets so you can create cohesive and/or thematic paperless resources.


What Themes Will Be Included?

There will be at least 5 sets per season. And the rest will be a wide variety to work with almost any theme you can imagine - but you can count on the standard themes such as space, pirate, construction and so on to be included.


What's Being Added Next?

I plan to add summer theme tiles next. I will add seasons to the bundle well before the seasons arrive to give you time to create your resources.


 Are There Set Release Dates?

There are no set release dates. I will add to this bundle over time.


Digital & Moveable Limited License Summary of Terms (the full terms are located in the preview)

  • All images in ONLY this bundle CAN be moveable
  • In regard to Boom Cards - you may use any Whimsy Clips in Boom Cards (as non-moveable or moveable) because the content is 100% secure. You are not limited to this bundle only. You can use this bundle AND all other Whimsy Clips as moveable pieces with Boom Cards.
  • Combining the images in this bundle with text overlay and pattern-filled shapes is NOT required
  • The images in this bundle cannot be combined with other Whimsy Clips images not included in this bundle to create a moveable piece.
  • All other Whimsy Clips images not in this bundle are still required to be flattened into the slide background AND not loose in the file per the Standard License Agreement


 Other Notes:

  • I plan to add the same themes to both the letter and number bundles so you can create cohesive thematic resources.
  • All images in this bundle are designed for the screen only; not for print
  • Each image is 150ppi (pixels per inch)
  • All images are color only (no black & white included)
  • Each image is smaller in size than standard printable clip art images
  • Because the images are 150ppi and designed for the screen they cannot be enlarged to cover a screen or sheet of paper etc. The images have been designed only for digital paperless resources/devices
  • The clip art may not be used in graphic or editable templates, products, resources. Text boxes for only STUDENT responses are acceptable.


This Bundle Currently Includes:

  1. Red Letter Clouds
  2. Yellow Letter Bottles
  3. Orange Letter Sand Buckets (summer)
  4. Pink Letter Seashells (summer)
  5. Green Letter Submarine
  6. White Letter Fish (summer)
  7. White Letter Starfish (summer)
  8. Yellow Letter Starfish (summer)
  9. Orange Letter Sunshine (summer)
  10. Black Letter Sunshine (summer)
  11. Black Letter School Bus (school)
  12. Blue Letter School Bus (school)
  13. Blue Letter Glue (school)
  14. Black Letter Glue (school)
  15. Blue Letter Paper (school)
  16. Red Rocket Letter Tiles
  17. Rocket White Letter Tiles
  18. Hay Letter Tiles
  19. Red Apple Letter Tiles (Fall)
  20. Green Apple Letter Tiles (Fall)
  21. Pumpkin Letter Tiles (Fall)
  22. Leaf Letter Tiles (Fall)
  23. Candy Corn Letter (Halloween)
  24. Witch Hat Letter (Halloween)
  25. Acorn Letter (Fall)
  26. Sunflower Letter Tiles (Fall)
  27. Caramel Apple Letter Tiles (Fall)
  28. Cauldron Letter Tiles (Halloween)
  29. Pilgrim Hat Letter Tiles (Thanksgiving)
  30. Whole Pie Letter Tiles (Thanksgiving)
  31. Pie Slice Letter Tiles (Thanksgiving)
  32. Christmas Tree Letter Tiles
  33. Red Ornament Letter Tiles
  34. Green Ornament Letter Tiles


This product is a digital download that is contained in a zip file and available to download immediately after purchase.

  • By creating an account and purchasing a license you are agreeing to the terms of the Standard License Agreement.
  • Whimsy Clips Illustrations may not be posted on the Internet.

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