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Short Vowel Word Family Clip Art - Bundle

$42.50 $75.50

This short vowel word family clip art set is a HUGE bundle filled with short vowel word families from all 5 vowels. This bundle contains 302 images image files, which includes 151 color and 151 black and white. All images are 300dpi png. 

* This bundle does not contain CVC words. If you're looking for CVC word families you can find it in the CVC clip art category

* Words with an arrow also come without an arrow 


* SHORT A Word Families (86 images) - Available Now

* Short E Word Families - (48 images) Available Now

* Short I Word Families - (80 images) Available Now        

  • -ICK:  brick, lick, sick, wick, kick, stick, click, pick
  • -ILL:  pill, drill (2 options), hill, spill (2 options), gill, grill
  • -ING: swing (2 options), wing, ring, sling, sing, king, sting
  • -INK: think, stink, shrink, link, sink, wink, ring, drink
  • -ISH: dish, wish, relish (2 options), fish, polish (2 options), swish

* Short O Word Families - (26 images) Available Now

  • -OCK: knock, block (2 options), lock, sock, rock, clock, dock
  • -OP: chop, shop, stop, drop, crop

* Short U Word Families - (60 images) Available Now

  • -UCK: tuck, stuck, duck, puck, buck, truck
  • -UNK: dunk, sunk, trunk, skunk, bunk, junk
  • -UMP: jump, pump (2 options), stump, grump, bump
  • -UNG: swung, stung, sung, hung, rung, lung
  • -USH: hush, brush (2 options), crush, blush, rush, flush

You will receive:

  • 151 color png images
  • 151 black & white png images

* All clip art sets are delivered via a zip file

This product is a digital download that is contained in a zip file and available to download immediately after purchase.

* Each clip art set come with a Standard License Agreement. A Standard License Agreement includes usage for personal, educational, and small business. Click here to learn more about the Standard License Agreement.

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